Three women caught for appearing naked in public

SINGAPORE – Eight women were caught for appearing naked in public to drug-related offence in a six-hour joint operation, the police said in an announcement on Monday (Jan 15).


Three women were caught for appearing naked in public. Of these, two were also caught for employment and immigration-related offences.

Another five women were caught for drug related offences. The Straits Times understand that seven of the women were Vietnamese, while the eighth was Malaysian.

The operation, which was conducted at public entertainment outlets in Cuppage Plaza from 11pm last Thursday, was administered by Tanglin Police Division and the Focal Opiates Department’s Implementation E Division.

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Three public outlets were found to have breached public entertainment licensing conditions.

Investigations against the suspects are ongoing.

The police said they take “a serious view of anyone found breaking the law and will continue to work with other law enforcement agencies to eradicate criminal activities”.

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Deadly Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego

An outbreak record of Hepatitis A has killed 14 individuals and place scores in clinic in San Diego, hitting mostly homeless and patients using intravenous drugs.San-Diego-battles-deadly-Hepatitis-A-outbreak

The most recent information from San Diego County in California show that more than 350 cases have been diagnosed since the start of the year. The majority of those have taken been identified since July, and 264 individuals have needed care in hospital.

“As hepatitis A goes, the number of deaths is greater than in other large outbreaks reported to CDC, though not all outbreaks are reported to CDC,” a representative for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told AFP.

Another outbreak in 2003 connected to green onions in Pennsylvania made three deaths and sent 124 individuals to hospital.

Authorities have not yet recognized the reason for the most recent outbreak.

But they say it is being spread person to-person and through contact with a fecally contaminated environment.

This puts homeless people particularly in danger since they don’t have regular access to sanitary facilities and clean water to wash their hands, state health authorities noted.

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How vital medical solutions are

Healthcare companies from the single practice clinics to hospitals are looking to change patient care, increase operational efficiency, and improve financial performance. Whether going paperless, reduce expenses, or rolling out software integrations, healthcare innovation can be demanding.

Nowadays, healthcare facilities are relaying on reliable software’s that can coordinate and integrate activitiessmartphone-doctor that are involved in the management and running a healthcare facility. Like other software available today the clinic management system in the Philippines aims to help healthcare practitioners and owners achieve their primary objectives of providing timely and quality medical treatment to the patients in an unhindered manner.

Installing software can completely change how your practice operates on a day-to-day basis though numerous software products with varying features and costs are available nowadays. We should chose software that would allow us to meet our goal of having a completely paperless medical record.

A software that can manage your practice, appointments, billing and have access to your patient records anytime, anywhere and software that can integrate care functions and systems to increase and improve operational efficiency and performance.

The most immediate benefits of installing a system that manages the electronic medical records or EMR system and practice management information are accurate medication lists, legible notes and prescriptions, immediately available charts, decreased chart pulls and lower transcription costs.

The use of system such software has become vital in hospital scenario, considering the increased burden of hospital tasks on the medical profession.

5 Herbal Cures You May Not Know About

Herbal remedies can be splendid alternatives to conventional (synthetic) pharmaceuticals if you want a more natural way of healing your body’s complaints. Many herbs are also popular flavorings, which means you may already be taking in nature’s medicines through your cooking without even knowing it. Here are 5 great herbal cures that you may not be aware of yet, but which would definitely do you good to know.

  1. Chili pepper – Cayenne is a great flavoring for the spice-lovers, but more than that, it’s also healthy. Capsaicin—the chemical responsible for its heat—is actually quite good at dealing with congestion from flu as well as a superb anti-inflammatory chemical. There are even some research studies being carried out that indicate that it may be a good anti-cancer medicine. Just remember to use it in moderation, though, as too much capsaicin can actually destroy the receptors—not just the taste buds, mind you—for taste, which will destroy your palate forever.
  2. Kratom – This herb from southeast Asia is a great substitute for Tramadol and Oxycodone—opiate analgesics, in other words. It is less addictive and also less depressive, making it a great alternative if you are concerned about maintenance.
  3. Cinnamon – Diabetics can benefit a lot from this delicious spice. Cinnamon has been shown to help in the regulation of blood sugar and even reduce cholesterol in the bloodstream, making it one of the healthiest herbal remedies around! Add to that the fact that it comes packed with antioxidants—the substances responsible for preventing cell aging and degeneration—and is also a potent antibacterial substance capable of taking down even E. coli. This is obviously one herbal remedy you want to always have with you.
  4. Cloves – Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, cloves have some powerful herbal healing mojo in them. They have been shown to even take down bacteria that antibiotics can’t kill. Put some clove oil on an aching tooth or gum and it should be numbed in about 15-30 minutes.
  5. Coriander – Suffer from irritable bowel syndrome? You may want to try coriander seed tea, then. It has been shown to relieve some of the intestinal spasms associated with IBS, besides also being antibacterial and good for relieving anxiety.

The Good And Bad Of Kratom

Learn more about the advantages and risks when taking Kratom. Appreciate the good and the bad of taking Kratom plants and leaves.

Kratom Leaf

The effects of Kratom are widely varied from being a sedative to being a stimulant. This unique drug can offer a certain side effect when taken at a low dose but provide a completely different side effect when taken at a higher dose. Due to the active alkaloids found in Kratom, this herbal drug can certainly do wonders.

There are two popular effects offered by Kratom –as a stimulant and as a sedative. When Kratom is taken at a low dose, the mind becomes more alert while physical and sexual energy is increase. People tend to undertake more physical work as they also appear to be more friendly, talkative and sociable. When Kratom is taken with a higher dose, people tend to be less sensitive to physical and emotional pain. They also appear to look and feel more calm and experience a general feeling of pleasure, even to the point of being in a dreamy state.

It is important to know, however, that the side effects of Kratom will depend on the potency of the Kratom, the blood level of the user and the tolerance level of the user. Naturally, when the body gets used to taking Kratom, a higher dosage is required to notice the desired side effects. But for those who are trying Kratom for the first time, it would always be best to start with a low dose and work your way up.

Despite the benefits of Kratom, there are some risks involved in taken doses of Kratom. The greatest is falling asleep especially when doing hazardous activities. People are largely advised to never drive when under the influence of Kratom or when doing any strenuous activities. In fact, leaving a pot on a lit stove can be dangerous when under the influence with the risk of falling asleep when taking Kratom.

Another risk involved in taking Kratom is its habit-forming properties. While all drugs are not habit forming when taken responsibly, many people are at risk at getting addicted to Kratom due to the side effects the plant allows them to feel. It is then important to never use Kratom every day. Instead, set yourself with usage guidelines and do your best to stick with them.


Be well informed before taking Kratom, know the benefits and risks involved:

Transference and Its Role in Psychodynamic Therapy



Transference plays an important role in psychodynamic therapy—many famous authorities on psychodynamics such as Joseph Burgo regularly give attention to the concept in their writings and blogs, for example, and speak of its prevalence in everyday life and relations.  Transference is something written not merely into the client-therapist relationship but also into many other relationships we have with others in our lives.

Transference, essentially, is the process whereby emotions that a person may have retained unconsciously from past experiences become reasserted in new relationships.  The subjects of the reassertion are often inferred (usually unconsciously) to be similar to or equivalent in at least one aspect to the previous subject of those emotions—a subject that the person typically encountered during his childhood.  This is why so many psychotherapy patients often end up finding their parents or guardians in their youth to be related deeply to their issues or feelings of transference. Childhood is when most of the people are met that later become the cause of feelings expressed repetitively in a person’s later life relationships, and parents/guardians are in a prime position for that role.

Transference is therefore something of great import to therapists, since it helps them understand patterns in a person’s relationships and attitudes towards others, which may help that person understand himself or herself better and resolve problems that might be holding him back from reaching helpful insights about his/her life.  The transference relationship between the client/patient and therapist is one of interest for the purposes of therapy too, as it gives the therapist a direct view of the transference pattern of his patient.  It commences from the unconscious, to be sure, but it can develop into something that both the patient and the therapist are aware of and can explore.

The belief in psychodynamic therapy is that transference is strongly indicative of unresolved conflicts that a person might have within himself—conflicts that, were he to discover them and explore them, could have the potential to lead to a greater awareness of the self and all that he could become were he only to be unshackled from the issues still binding him to particular (problem) patterns in his behavior, interactions, and activities.

Find out how exactly transference is important to psychodynamic therapists such as Joseph Burgo and why it is critical to the insight hoped for by therapists for their clients.

5 Reasons to Visit Migen Blog and Avail of Its Offerings



Migen Blog is a splendid resource for people with software needs.  Updated constantly, it is a hotspot for the latest discounts in software and computer programs of all kinds, with eager followers discovering discounts that sometimes reach as much as 70% off the original price of the software.  If you have never yet visited the site, here are 5 excellent reasons for doing so, especially if you are a practical consumer.

  1. All the software for which discounts and coupons are offered on it are original, so you do not have to worry about contributing to piracy or ending up with a counterfeit or pirated version of the original that later becomes a problem.  Some programs require updates from the original makers online, after all, like antiviruses, and sometimes, the updates themselves prevent the program from working properly if it happens to be a counterfeit/pirated copy.
  2. Migen Blog has a daily giveaway that most people will surely love. The daily giveaway software changes regularly, of course, so you cannot exactly choose which software you may potentially acquire for free on any given day, but it is still nice to have the option, as most would agree.  And who knows?  Perhaps the very program you have been looking for might be the next one on the giveaway board.
  3. The website only provides valid (real) coupon codes and discounts.  Contrast this to other sites, which often promote “big” discounts only for the user to find out later that they were already expired.  On Migen Blog, though, coupon codes can be relied on to still be valid at the time of reporting or upload to the site itself, and any reported discounts are similarly useable still when they are posted on the site.
  4. Migen Blog provides discounts for even the most expensive software—the site does not restrict itself to coupons and deals for small-ticket programs, as many other discount websites do.
  5. A lot of the programs for which the blog provides coupons are critical ones for many people—perhaps even for you.  Antivirus programs, for example, and productivity software like Office programs are included in the list of commonly discounted software on the blog.

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UK Sign Shop Knowledge Base: What Are Health and Safety Signs and Do You Need Them?

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Health and safety signs are ubiquitous enough to be present in practically all countries of the globe, yet we never really think of them when it comes to bespoke signage.  Rather, the examples of which people often think when it comes to this topic would be more in the realm of branding and business advertising.  Health and safety signs, though, are arguably even more widespread than examples of either of the two aforementioned categories—which should indicate their importance to us.

Health and safety signs cover a broad range of signs that many of us can recognize upon first glance: construction signs indicating that the area is a hard hat zone, no smoking signs, slippery when wet signs, children crossing signs, and so on.  All of them, obviously, are there for the purpose of ensuring public health and safety for people in the area.

The UK Sign Shop also fabricates signs of this type for different clients—sometimes it might be a school requesting signs for child safety and crossing on the roads, sometimes it might be marine safety signs for the shipping and marine industries.  The symbols for the signs are often reused because they are standardized or so well-established and recognized already that there is not much point in reinventing them.  For example, most countries already use the pseudo-word “Flammable” for signs indicating the presence of an inflammable object, despite the fact that the word should be “Inflammable” (the “in” prefix kept confusing people, so safety officials decided to remove it instead, despite grammatical considerations).

That said, the UK Sign Shop also gets called on to create special (original) health and safety signs on occasion for people with unique needs or circumstances.  People might have a particular feature of their property, for instance, that can be a health hazard to others unaware of it.  They might be worried that friends will walk into an area of the house where they keep exotic pets such as large lizards or iguanas and be surprised into some rash action that could harm them or the pet.  In such cases, unique signage can be crafted by the sign fabricator to match the health and safety concern at hand.

Company Information:

UK Sign Shop, Unit N2
Trinity Trading Estate
Tribune Drive
Sittingbourne, Kent
ME10 2PG

Learn what health and safety signs are by clicking the sites below. You may also learn where they are typically used—as well as where they are typically found too and in what kinds of situations you should consider having some made for personal usage.