The Good And Bad Of Kratom

Learn more about the advantages and risks when taking Kratom. Appreciate the good and the bad of taking Kratom plants and leaves.

Kratom Leaf

The effects of Kratom are widely varied from being a sedative to being a stimulant. This unique drug can offer a certain side effect when taken at a low dose but provide a completely different side effect when taken at a higher dose. Due to the active alkaloids found in Kratom, this herbal drug can certainly do wonders.

There are two popular effects offered by Kratom –as a stimulant and as a sedative. When Kratom is taken at a low dose, the mind becomes more alert while physical and sexual energy is increase. People tend to undertake more physical work as they also appear to be more friendly, talkative and sociable. When Kratom is taken with a higher dose, people tend to be less sensitive to physical and emotional pain. They also appear to look and feel more calm and experience a general feeling of pleasure, even to the point of being in a dreamy state.

It is important to know, however, that the side effects of Kratom will depend on the potency of the Kratom, the blood level of the user and the tolerance level of the user. Naturally, when the body gets used to taking Kratom, a higher dosage is required to notice the desired side effects. But for those who are trying Kratom for the first time, it would always be best to start with a low dose and work your way up.

Despite the benefits of Kratom, there are some risks involved in taken doses of Kratom. The greatest is falling asleep especially when doing hazardous activities. People are largely advised to never drive when under the influence of Kratom or when doing any strenuous activities. In fact, leaving a pot on a lit stove can be dangerous when under the influence with the risk of falling asleep when taking Kratom.

Another risk involved in taking Kratom is its habit-forming properties. While all drugs are not habit forming when taken responsibly, many people are at risk at getting addicted to Kratom due to the side effects the plant allows them to feel. It is then important to never use Kratom every day. Instead, set yourself with usage guidelines and do your best to stick with them.


Be well informed before taking Kratom, know the benefits and risks involved: